Consequences shmonsequences

Ugh, that was an awful word to type. I wouldn’t recommend it. The other day Jack had to be reminded about consequences for his actions. Isn’t parenting FUN??

me: How was your day?

Jack: Good. (he won’t make eye contact)

me: Really? What happened today?

Jack: It wasn’t my fault.

me: A-ha.

Jack: Well it wasn’t. HE kicked me so I kicked HIM back. That’s just how my life goes these days.

me: Really. Well. You remember how I said if you put your hands on any of your friends today, there would be no video watching tonight?

Jack: But I couldn’t help it! It wasn’t even my hand so THERE!

me: This morning you knew what you had to do, or not do, in order to watch a video. Did you do it?

Jack: No.

me: Should I let you watch a video?

Jack: Of course.

me: Jaaaaacckkk??

Jack: Then what’s the point?

me: Of…?

Jack: Of anything!

me: Parents have to teach their kids right and wrong. You know what to do when someone hits you first. And it’s NOT to hit them back.

Jack: It’s to get them back when no one is looking. I told you, this is just how my life goes… (he shrugs)


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