Gluttony, thy name is Jack

Jack: Mom, can I have some lemon blueberry bread?

me: Yes, but don’t forget we’re going out for breakfast…

Jack: I’ll still be hungry! (he of course eats two pieces with milk)

(later at breakfast)

Jack: Egg and cheese on toast please! (inhaled within a matter of minutes)

me: Did you finish?

Jack: Yep and almost all of the juice too!

Uncle Michael: (noticing Jack staring at his plate of french toast) You want to try some?

Jack: (nods)

Michael: (just slides the plate over and lets Jack eat) Sigh… I’ll go order another plate.


me: What do you want for lunch?

Jack: Cereal!

me: Well, maybe we should have a sandwich??

Jack: Cereal!

me: Fine eat the cereal. (he eats it)

Jack: Can I have another bowl?

me: Go ahead. (I’m not in a fighting mood. I make myself a huge salad)

Jack: I want salad!

me: Really? After all that? Okay, here you go.

Jack: (eats most of it and runs off to play)

Dennis: Jack, want to go to the pool?

Jack: Yay!

me: I’ll pack some snacks. (2 bags of Annie’s crackers and a plum)

Jack: That’s it?

me: Just eat it and don’t worry about it. We’ll have dinner when you come back.


Jack: I want the BIG cheeseburger.

me: He’s making me ill. Jack eat some veggies and dip.

Jack: I already did! (talking with a mouthful) Can I have a cookie after. And milk?

me: You still have room? Geez..yeah you can have one. One!

Jack: (eats it quickly) One more?

me: No.

Jack: Please???

me: No.

Jack: Just one more…

me: (I chuck another cookie on his plate) Here. Then you are SO done.

Jack: You’re the best!

me: And yet we’re still surprised that 50% of your free time is spent pooping.

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