The Many Moods of Jack – Volume 5

Wow, talk about your typical New Englander. This kid’s moods are changing like the weather these days.


(picking Jack up from Camp)

Jack: Noooooo!!! I wanna stay and playyyyy!!!!! (kick, throw toy, have fit on the floor)

me: When you have a fit, we leave. If you come say hi to me and ask if you can play a little longer, I’ll let you. It’s the same rule as last summer. Let’s go.

Jack: (all the way down the hall) Noooooo!!!!! I’ll be goooooooddddddddd!!!


(in the car)

Jack: Oh, thanks for the snack Mom!

me: (raised eyebrow) Feeling better?

Jack: Yeah, I just wanted to play, but there are 21 lunatics in that class, so it’s better that I leave.

me: I don’t think you should call them that.

Jack: (picks up a book and starts reading) It’s okay, they know they’re lunatics.


(at home)

Jack: Can I ride my scooter?

me: Go ahead…

Jack: You’re the best Mom!


(dinner time)

Jack: I want to eat in FRONT of the video!!!

me: No.

Jack: (bursts into tears) Waaaahhhhh!!! You never let me DO anything!!! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!

me: Want to eat outside?

Jack: (tears abruptly stop) Really, on the deck?

me: Sure.

Jack: Yay!

me: (Sigh…)


He was seriously changing moods about every 10 minutes. I’ll have to look that up. Maybe it’s a vitamin deficiency. Or wait, maybe it’s because he’s 6. Sigh…

5 thoughts on “The Many Moods of Jack – Volume 5”

  1. How funny. I went through the exact same thing with Noah yesterday. I kept asking him, “Oh wait are we happy again? I need you to tell me these things so I know how to respond?” “Oh…we’re mad again aren’t we? Okay I’ll just wait – HEY! That looks like a smile! I CAN’T KEEP UP!!!”

    And he’s 12 – just to remind you.


  2. But wait, “lightbulb”! Jack has been sleeping until (gasp) past 7am these past few days. And eating anything that isn’t bolted down. I remember the correlation between growth spurt and child version of PMS. I think I’m right! I may need to go publish a study or something.


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