Fast forward 30 years…

I was leaving the house to have dinner with a friend. Dennis was cooking and Jack was playing a Star Wars video game. I walked out of the bedroom and into the living room only to be greeted by the sight of Jack sitting on the couch in his robe, which is gaping open from the waist down showing that he has nothing on underneath, he has a keyboard on his knees and he’s frantically pushing buttons to play his game. I think he had some sort of snack on the ottoman next to him.

I somehow picture this same scene 30 years from now, when he’s still living at home, playing video games, unshaven with a protruding belly, sitting in his robe, potentially exposing himself, and not caring one bit. I mean it was almost a premonition!!

I’m holding it together here…really…but it’s tough.

me: Whoa!

Jack: (clackitty clack) Wha…?

me: Let’s close that robe there bud.

Jack: (distractedly)  I like it like that. (he doesn’t take his eyes off the screen)

me: We don’t need to see your privates. (I adjust his robe). There. And why don’t you have clothes on?

Jack: (clack clack clack) Ow know. (his way of pronouncing “I don’t know”)

me: Pause this for one second. Have a good night. I’m going out for dinner now.

Jack: Have a really good time Mom. (Wait is this a 6-year-old?)

me: Get some pants on.

Jack: Nah, this is how we play…

me: Nice.


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