Moths get a bad rap

We found Chewbacca! (the caterpillar). Scroll down in that older post a bit, you’ll find the photo of Chewbacca before the transformation.

I thought he had buried himself in the bowl of dirt I placed in the butterfly house. So when I tried to add some water to the basil plant I had stuffed in there, I almost inadvertently knocked Chewbacca right off the leaf he had cocooned himself on. He’s all fuzzy and snug in his little home, while he grows wings and whatnot. How cool is that!??? I was very excited. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was not shared.

me: Jack! Guess what I found?

Jack: My dart with the blue tip that goes on the cross-bow?

me: Uh, no. Look!

Jack: What’s that?

me: Chewbacca!

Jack: Who cares.

me: This is our caterpillar! He didn’t bury himself in the dirt like we thought, he made a cocoon on the leaf here.

Jack: So.

me: I thought you would be excited. Pretty soon we’ll have a little moth we can set free.

Jack: Who cares about moths. It’s not like he’s gonna be a butterfly or anything.

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