Wordless Wednesday

Ha! You fell for it. Me? Wordless. Never gonna happen.

Jack: (half asleep) Why are you up here messing with me?

me: I’m waking you up, we’re gonna be late to camp.

Jack: I always wake up by myself, so why are you here?? (he’s a bit agitated)

me: Time to get up… Don’t want to miss the bus. You’re going to the movies today.

Jack: You don’t think I remember that it’s movie day? Sheesh.

me: Boy, what a grump. Come on grumpy pants. Let’s get up and get dressed.

Jack: First I’ll do a headstand out of bed. Watch! (he slides out onto his head and almost breaks his neck)

me: Careful!

Jack: You distracted me!

me: How about you go back to bed and wake up on the right side this time.

Jack: What does that even mean?? The only way I can get out of my bed is on the right side!! The other side is on the wall! Geez.

me: Well, if you continue to be cranky to me, we’ll have to eliminate TV time later today.

Jack: (stops and looks at me, then breaks into a huge smile) Mommeeeeee!!! (I get a huge hug)  I LOVE YOU!!!!!

me: Nice. Way to work it Jack. This is much better. Can you keep it up all day?

Jack: I’m not working, this is just how I was made.



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