How to come up with your band name (if you’re 6)

Jack: Vixen Overkill!!! Yeahhhh!!!

me: What??

Jack: My band.

me: You have a band?

Jack: Not yet. But I will.

me: Cool. What will you play?

Jack: I’ll sing. Then I don’t have to learn anything.

me: Aha. So how did you come up with that band name. Do you even know what that means?

Jack: Of course I do! (he chuckles and I worry that his friends are teaching him some more bad things)

me: Well? What does it mean.

Jack: No, first, here’s how you GET to your band name.

me: Oh this should be good. How does one get to “Vixen”, hmmm?

Jack: Okay, FIRST you take one of Santa’s reindeer names. So I picked Vixen.

me: (had to hide my surprise) Oh REALLY? Interesting.

Jack: And then you look around to the computer that’s close to you and read the writing on it. I saw the computer at camp said ADC something something and then Overkill. Cool huh?

me: Who told you how to do this?

Jack: I just TOLD you that I came up with it! Sheesh!

me: Wow, I’m impressed. So what would my band name be?

Jack: Do the formula.

me: Okay…I pick Comet. (and I look at my computer for the first words that pop out) Ummm, this is an iMac, so I don’t see any words. Let me look on the little hub down here. Oh, it says “setup”.

Jack: Comet Setup. Well, it’s not as cool as Vixen Overkill, but it’s the name you have to use. (he looks at me with big eyes and nods solemnly)

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