I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

The art of Suffrage

me: (driving with Jack) … and then we have to return your Smurfs disc because it’s overdue…

Jack: Can we get another movie?

me: Library’s closed. Maybe we can get something from Red Box?

Jack: What like your Dexter number 5?

me: Season 5. Already got it.

Jack: Is he a bad guy? What’s it about?

me: It’s about the Miami police department. He’s … kind of a good guy.

Jack: Then why’s he always covered in blood?

me: What??

Jack: On the movie case.

me: Oh. He helps people that were in accidents and stuff.

Jack: What movie can I get? Am I old enough for PG?

me: Sometimes…depends…we’ll have to see what they have.

Jack: How about old fashioned movies?

me: What about them?

Jack: Are there any at Red Box?

me: What do you mean, like that YOU can get?

Jack: I don’t know.

me: I don’t think you’d be interested. We’ll see if we can find a kid’s movie.

Jack: How come you’re always in charge of what we get and not me!?

me: I’m the mom and I’m in charge. Forever.

Jack: Okay then, how about we just pick an old movie like waayyyy back when women couldn’t vote or something.

(Is he putting me in my place, or what??)


4 responses

  1. Smart *** boy.


    August 27, 2011 at 6:01 am

  2. john

    How does he know these random facts all the time


    August 27, 2011 at 3:51 pm

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