8 things that I learned from Hurricane Irene

Yes, we are back. Jack is in the other room getting his fill of videos, since it’s been 5 or so days since he’s seen “the moving pictures”. Whew what a debacle. But it could have been worse right? We lost power, the frozen food rotted, I took my first solo trip to the town dump, I bought a generator and learned how to use it, I bumped into things at night, I went to bed at 8:30, I wasn’t able to blog :(, I had to drive all around town trying to find an outlet to charge my phone and oil/gas for the generator (everyone is out of both!), etc etc. I’m sure you all have similar stories to tell.

But what did we learn? A few things I’m sure.


1. We can survive without social media and the interwebs.

Jack: Mom, plug the computer into the generator and then I can play my games!! Yeah!!!

me: We don’t have internet.

Jack: (?)

me: We’re not connected to the outside world, we just have a little power in the kitchen.

Jack: This stinks!!!


2. Going to bed early is a good thing. You feel better the next day. You eat less, and want to eat better foods. Really! And the dark circles start to fade.

Jack: (at 8:30 pm) You’re coming to bed TOO, right???

me: Well, I was going to tuck you in and then …

Jack: I’m scared!!

me: But you’re sleeping in my bed, I thought that would help.

Jack: NO! It’s dark!

me: Sigh, I’ll be right in..


(side note: Our doorbell just rang and I jumped up and ran into the hall to answer it, meanwhile Jack jumped off the couch to answer it and we both smashed into each other like a couple of Mack trucks. Fuckin aye. Ow!)


3. Without all the digital distractions, there is more time for family fun and games.

me: Let’s get out the design books?

Jack: I want to play hotel!

me: Okay, I’ll be the hotel manager.

Jack: I’M the hotel manager! Go up to your room!

me: I’m not coming back to this hotel if that’s how you’re gonna speak to me.

Jack: Let me show you to your room.

me: Better.

Jack: Come on! Stop being lazy and let’s GO!

me: I have to stand up please, sheesh.

Jack: Just because you’re cranky…

me: Sigh…


4. We take electricity for granted. Oh boy and how.

Jack: I need my army tank.

me: I think it’s downstairs.

Jack: Can you go get it?

me: It’s at the bottom of the stairs, just go grab it please.

Jack: Can I have the flashlight?

me: Why do you need a flashlight, just turn on the light!

Jack: Mom, the power’s out.

me: Sigh…  Oh yeah, sorry. Here’s the flashlight.


5. Maybe we DO use too many hair products and appliances?

Jack: (in the dark, in bed) Why’s your hair all wet?

me: I just showered and washed it.

Jack: But now your pillow is all wet.

me: That’s okay, it dries overnight and gets sort of wavy. Then I don’t have to blow dry it.

Jack: That’s just lazy.

me: We don’t have power remember? And yesterday I actually LIKED how it came out when I did this. I might do this all the time!

Jack: I’m trying to go to sleep but you keep talking to me.


6. Jack can have a summer like I used to have, with no school, camp, or responsibilities.

me: Why don’t you have your friends come over? We can make a fort or something!

Jack: Is that because you want them to replace me?


7. We can spend time catching up on reading and other leisurely activities.

Jack: What’s “Communism” mean?

me: Uh, it’s like when…

Jack: And who’s Annie Rie Syum?

me: Do you mean Aneurysm?

Jack: Oh, ha ha! Well…?

me: What the heck are you reading? Gimme that book.


8. Nature is more tolerant of humans. Maybe it feels sorry for us.

me: Jack look! A hummingbird is at the feeder!

Jack: That’s a bumble bee.

me: No! It’s a tiny green bird! I’ve never seen one before!

Jack: Boring. I’m going in.

me: (I decide to move the feeder to a higher spot, and while I’m moving it the hummingbird comes back) Jack, it’s back. Look it’s eating while I hold it!

Jack: (silence from the house)

me: (Sigh) Wish I had my camera…



8 thoughts on “8 things that I learned from Hurricane Irene”

  1. OMG #5 made me crack up. My 25 year old husband tells me that all the time. Well, that makes sense…I do say my husband acts like a 5 years old…so your son has a year on him. Hehehe :0)


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