Quote of the day – Common Sense

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging…


Jack: Ow ow ow ow oowwwwwwww OWWWWW!

me: (running into the bedroom) What happened???

Jack: I was doing a headstand off of the bed and then flipped over and hit the bureau. OWWWWW!!!!

me: (rubbing his head) Oh Jack, are you okay?? Please don’t do headstands off of the furniture. Use your common sense please.

Jack: I have common sense, but I choose to ignore it.

12 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Common Sense”

  1. My BF seriously said, That is the best way to explain it!
    Haha. Boys. I sincerely almost hope my child isn’t as smart as yours. LOL.


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