I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Another great day!

Yesterday was another great day. I guess positive thinking can really affect how your day turns out. Jack had the super big smile when he got off the bus yesterday afternoon. I can get used to that, let me tell you!

Jack: I went up to OUTstanding today!!!

me: Yayyy! That’s so great! I’m so proud of you!

Jack: Wait, I think it was just Great day. I pictured myself getting Outstanding, and I think it almost happened, but then we ran out of time.

me: There’s always tomorrow. Just do your best.

Jack: Okay. It’s easy!

me: Good! Then I’m hoping it will also be easy for you to get your homework done and brush your teeth tonight, right?

Jack: Oh, you’re HIL-arious Mom. Sheesh.

(Nothing like sarcasm from a 6-year-old.)


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