Do you P90X?

Yeah I do P90X. Only on occasion. But I did finish the 90-day routine maybe a year and a half ago. Amazing workout. I would highly recommend it! 🙂

Jack also does P90X with me sometimes. He loves when we use the projector and show the DVD workout on the basement wall because it’s really like you’re in the class!

Well today was special because I got to meet Tony Horton AND have a workout with him. My friend Kris (from my tae kwon do class and of “Jack love interest” fame…yes I called her Cathy, so I guess her cover is blown!) went with me, and we had to Bring It! As they say. It was so much fun, and SUCH a hard workout! Man-o-maneshewitz! I’ll post the official photo later on because it was professionally done and they won’t post them until who knows. Of course the photos were AFTER the workout. UGH. Really, was that the best they could do?

So we worked out, did a meet and greet, got autographs and photos. It was a whole scene. That was my fun from 8-1:30 pm. What did you do today?

Jack: Are you going to the big workout today?

me: Yep, in a little while.

Jack: Can I come?

me: No, you’re going next door. This is for mommy only.

Jack: Why is everything fun for mommies only!

me: Because I’m the boss! Come here and give me a hug. I’m gonna miss you today…

Jack: Let’s hug now because later you’ll be all sweaty and smell like pickles again.

me: Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Do you P90X?”

  1. Haha, he’s cute.

    And want to hear something funny? I ran a 5k today! It was for the Black Hawks first practice or something. Therefore, from 8-2 I was in Chicago, running, and watching some grand ol’ hockey.

    I bet your workout was harder though. 😉

    Congrats on surviving Tony!


    1. Wow good for you! I guess it was workout Saturday for some of us. Our workout was definitely hard and I couldn’t do everything perfectly at ALL. Dripping wet at the end. But how cool to work out with the master! 🙂 Tomorrow should be fun…ow…


  2. What fun!! Pickles! That’s what my daughter used to day about her feet! LOL I HAVE to start a real workout program this week. My three week back issue has got me really looking at how I treat myself. Hugs to you and Jack!


    1. I have the son who thinks his feet smell like onions. Too funny! I definitely have to fit in a bunch more workout time each week. I feel so amazing when I’m DONE! ha ha. Thank you!


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