Jack’s 3rd book review – The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight

Jack loves this book. I always hear him cracking up when he reads it on his own. I’ve read it to him a number of times in the last year or so. It’s pretty long for a Berenstain book, and keeps Jack pretty interested, though he finishes it in about 5 minutes or so.

me: Wow you really like this book, don’t you.

Jack: (cracking up) This is HILARIOUS! Look, the Mom gets so upset she whistles with her fingers and her eyes cross! Ha ha ha!

me: Is that your favorite part?

Jack: I think the best part is when the neighbors didn’t know which was worse (he reads from the book) “the big storm or the racket coming from the bears’ house.” Ha ha haaaaa!

me: Do you think other kids would like this book?

Jack: Of course! Didn’t you hear me say it was funny? Kids love funny books. But there are a few bad words in here.

me: No!

Jack: Can I tell you them?

me: Okay, just this once.

Jack: They say “shut up” (he looks over at me quickly) and then they say “dopey”. Is that REAL bad??

me: It’s not nice, but I’ve heard worse.

Jack: Like what??

me: Never mind.

Jack: If I had a sister I wouldn’t fight. I’m a very good sharer.

me: Does this book teach any lessons?

Jack: Yeah, you shouldn’t fight. But if you do, you should say sorry.

me: Good lesson. That goes for everyone, not just brothers and sisters. (I look at him pointedly, remembering his fight with me earlier)

Jack: I know I know, I said I’m sorry.

me: Okay. Thanks. How come you didn’t want me to read this book to you?

Jack: Because I can read it by myself much faster. You take too long.

me: Oh.

Jack: But anyone that reads this book should turn it over and buy all the other books they show on the back.

me: Good marketing.

Jack: I know.

2 thoughts on “Jack’s 3rd book review – The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight”

  1. If he’s already been reading Calvin and Hobbes, this book seems beneath him. Lol. Have you thought about having him read the old Encyclopedia Brown series? I think he’d enjoy what goes into solving each case. I think that was one of my favorite series as a kid.


    1. Oh he’s already burned through all the Encyclopedia Browns AND the Hardy Boys. Sigh. But he wouldn’t go “on the record” and comment about them LOL! He said “Let me talk about the Berenstain Bears!” As it’s his page…I kinda had to do it. 🙂


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