Tae Kwon Do

Why Jack needs a good master

All of us in the adult Tae Kwon Do class joke about how our instructor (Master) would make a great nanny. The kids listen to and respect him. They try their hardest to do their best in class. They do not talk back. Ever. If we threaten to call the master when they misbehave at home, there is a terror-stricken look on their face and they start to cry. I think we’re really onto something here.

The master does not yell or raise his voice even. He’s not mean, but he does point out the children’s errors, and makes them correct the problem immediately. I’ve seen him send a kid to sit against the wall for the entire class for not listening. I’ve seen him take another kid’s belt for sticking his tongue out at his mom. I think it’s worth the extra monthly fee just to have this kind of support system on my side! Do any of you have children in martial arts? Is it the same deal?

Jack recently came to my class and was playing in the background as we practiced. He decided he was hungry, and when I whispered that I had no snacks, he started to whine and cry. So I’m listening to the master as we practice our moves, but what I’m really hearing is “Mommmmmyyyyy, whine whine, MOMMmmmmmyyyyy, wahhhhhhh, sniffle whine cry, mooooommmmmmm….I’mmmm hungggrrryyyyy!” and so on and so forth.

Master: (stops class and looks right at Jack who is oblivious because he’s in full whine mode) Excuse me sir!

Jack: (jerks his head up) Huh?

Master: Did you say something sir!?

Jack: No sir! (immediately stops crying)

Master: That’s what I thought! (and we continue the class uninterrupted for the next half hour)

How can you NOT like that? Later I ask Jack how come he can listen to the master immediately but I get the whining and the carrying on.

me: Well, why do I get all the disrespect? Seriously Jack…

Jack: (gives his biggest smile) Isn’t this what you signed up for when you had me?

me: Grrrr…



11 thoughts on “Why Jack needs a good master”

  1. Seriously, I don’t care what this master looks like, or what other personality flaws he might have, is he married??? How would he like a lovely Scottish wife with two charming yet unruly step children? If he says yes, I’ll pack Stevie’s bags….


  2. Isaac didn’t last more than 3mo in TKD because he played the know it all and managed not to learn a thing, but he had serious respect for his Master. I used to threaten telling Master about bad behavior at home and get serious results. I miss that.


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