Lunch Hater


Everyone’s a critic.


Jack: Oh, I included a note with my sandwich.

me: (opening his lunch bag) What do you mean, you didn’t eat it?

Jack: I didn’t like it.

me: You specifically asked for turkey and cheese. What was the problem?

Jack: It didn’t taste good.

me: So what did you eat?

Jack: The Smartfood and chocolate milk.

me: For lunch. That was all you ate.

Jack: Well, you have to pack me what I like.

me: How will I ever get that right if I pack exactly what you ask for and then you don’t eat it?

Jack: (shrugs) You just have to try harder I guess.

12 thoughts on “Lunch Hater”

  1. My six year old does the same thing. Every afternoon i’s MOM I”M HUNGRY. Followed by my questions & her answers – nope didn’t like that freakin $40 organic peach or wahtever I packed. She’s the reason I drink. Like I needed a reason.


    1. True! Now all of a sudden he HATES organic go-gurt, even though I still have a box of it in the fridge. Same goes for juice boxes. Stocked up on the flavors he likes and now he declares that he will only drink the lemonade. Well it’s water and milk for this kid from now on.


  2. I feel your pain with the lunch box battles! That picture is priceless and I cannot stop laughing! It is so timely. I just wrote a post yesterday about my new strategy for lunch since my son won’t eat his lunch most days.

    Thanks for a good laugh! I needed that!


  3. One of my kids has “moods” about food. I am supposed to guess that he is “not in the mood” for his favorite meal on certain days.
    I can definitely relate to the frustration, but I think it is really cool that your son saved the sandwich and wrote you a note. I like the communication, even if it isn’t logical. I work at an elementary school during lunch, and I can tell you that most kids just throw away what they don’t want, and I suspect that many parents don’t even realize the food is wasted.


    1. Good point! I should be glad that he is still innocently honest with me. I’m not sure how long that will last. Each day he brings home a soggy little bag of baby carrots because he didn’t eat them and now (thanks to me) feels guilty about throwing them away. My work here is done.


  4. I can’t drink any beverages when I’m reading your posts because I would spit them all over my computer screen when I laugh out loud! I love it when you say, “How will I ever get that right if I pack exactly what you ask for and then you don’t eat it?”


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