What happens in Vegas…

You know the rest, right?

Well I missed Jack’s goodnight call tonight because a) he’s 3 time zones ahead of me, 2) I slept on both of my flights to Vegas and really did adjust to the time change, and d) it’s like so freaken loud here that I didn’t even hear the phone. Whaaaattt??? Oh and that’s a total Home Alone reference back there if you caught it… Hee hee.

Here’s the playback of Jack’s message to me. At least this is how I remember it after a few “iced teas” from Cabo Wabo…

Jack: Hi Mom, it’s me…Jack…heh heh, wellll, I’m back home or at Dad’s and yeah we’re back from New York City and I’m going to bed, after I take a shower… Miss you and love you and see you soon… Soooooo…yeah I’m kinda sick so bye.

Leave it to both of them to then turn the phone off and not tell me what the heck is going on. Le sigh…

(neighbors, if you’re reading this, thanks again for feeding the cats…I’m putting something on red for you!)

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