Why it’s a good thing that slavery ended

Well, of course it’s a good thing. I mean really! WTF were we thinking! Now try and explain what slavery was to a 6-year-old. I’m not even sure how we got on that subject. I think we were in the car. Sigh, who can remember… It’s late. I’m tired. I have 6 sorted piles of laundry to do. I took a tae kwon do test tonight and got my purple belt. (Yay!) I’m trying to pack for my trip to Russia. I have to work tomorrow and take Jack to his class and grocery shop and leave his dad a billion notes of what and what NOT to do while I’m gone. I don’t think the cat litter has been changed and there is a pile of bills right there (point point) just staring at me. Now where was I??

Oh yes, slavery. I remember Jack’s use of the word “slave” awhile back. Pertaining to ME of course…sigh… But here is our conversation from earlier today.

Jack: Who was Sheila Tubman?

me: You mean Harriet Tubman?

Jack: No, I think I mean Sheila Tubman. OR is it Harriet the Great?

me: It’s Sheila the Great. The book? Maybe her last name is Tubman?

Jack: Yes! It is! I remember.

me: Okay… well, Harriet Tubman was a slave. How are you getting these two confused, might I ask?

Jack: No YOU got it confused remember? Who was she a slave for?

me: I guess for whoever owned her. Back then, a long time ago, black people were used as slaves for white people.

Jack: Whaaaatt???!!! That’s crazy!! I guess I’m glad we have white skin right?

me: No, not really…slavery was something very wrong and it finally became illegal. Harriet Tubman was a slave that escaped and then helped a lot of slaves get to freedom.

Jack: Did they hide around the corner somewhere?

me: Oh no! They had to go all the way up north to states that didn’t allow slavery. It was mostly legal in the south.

Jack: But what happened if the slaves ran away?

me: The police brought them back or they were killed.

Jack: Did only black people help the other slave black people escape?

me: No, white people helped too. The ones that didn’t believe in slavery. They thought it was wrong. You can’t own another person like they’re your property.

Jack: So what did Harriet Tubman do?

me: She rescued slaves and helped them walk for miles and miles, hiding out at people’s houses along the way, and gave them food and water until they reached freedom. They called it the underground railroad.

Jack: Was it really underground?

me: No, it was so secret that they called it that. She helped them walk all the way north to states up here, but sometimes they walked to Canada!

Jack: Whoooaaaaa… that must have taken forever. Maybe she really is Harriet the Great. Ha ha!

me: Amen to that!

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