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Back in the USSA

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Because you can’t just sing USA. Need that extra S. I promise I will post the rest of my photos. It’s taken me a day or two to cycle back to CT time. I’m pretty good today, and actually feel like posting. And, since I’m taking a break from the BIBLICAL storm that we had last night, I figured I’d write a bit.

What the heck happened out there? A foot of snow. Wet heavy snow. Topped by an inch of thick ice. Wet heavy ice! Every single tree in our yard, and there are about a hundred or more, are touching the ground. 4 have snapped completely. 3 are totally blocking my driveway. I have a very long driveway. So long I’ve had to label it sector A and sector B. Sector A is from the midway point to the street. It’s the steepest. If you clear sector A, you’re usually golden for getting up the driveway. If you don’t clear it, then you slide back to the street, in an embarrassing sideways skid. Makes for good entertainment in the burbs.

When Jack and I woke up and looked outside, Jack had some sound advice.

Jack: Chainsaw.

me: No way.

Jack: You have to do it. That’s the only way to clear the trees.

me: No.

Jack: Mom, it’s just like using a machine gun. I can do it.

me: Oh really?

Jack: The blade is big on one end and then gets small on the other end. I saw Daddy use it so I can totally do it.

me: I think we’re just gonna pull the branches out of the way.

Jack: Boys are just better at this stuff than girls, so you just have to step aside and let me do it.

me: Ok.

I’ve cleared all downed trees and snow from sector A. By hand. Without a chainsaw. Jack discarded that idea as soon as he saw that his friend next door was outside playing. So much for his help! I’m beat. Sector B is the biggest section. It has the flat area in front of the garage, which has a downed birch tree and a downed tulip tree, plus some huge branches. I’m dreading that part.   [p-=,beqz   (Ed says hi by walking on the keyboard.)

So, since I’ve been home I’ve gotten so much blog material that I don’t even know where to begin. You’ll notice that my Russia posts don’t have much in the way of sh*t my boy says, because we didn’t talk very much. 😦  But in the two days, or day and a half, that I’ve been home, he’s been on a roll! I’m gonna have to save some of this for a rainy day when I’m out of material.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party, in the middle of the biblical storm. Jack had so much fun! It was at a small gym, and the kids all went nuts on the equipment. They had lots of fun games that they played as well, and Jack burned off a lot of energy. At the end of the party, they all had Halloween cupcakes.

Party Assistant: Hi Jack, would you like another cupcake?

Jack: I’ll take anything that raises my sugar intake.

Party Assistant: (looks at me)

me: (shrugs)

Earlier in the day we talked about the birthday presents that we had for the little girls. It was a double birthday party for 2 sisters. I liked what we had picked out for each of them, but Jack wasn’t impressed.

Jack: If it was up to me, I would have just given them each a coupon for a free play date. That wouldn’t cost you anything.


Maybe that’s why he’s not in charge! 🙂

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