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Just another day in 2nd grade

This is how we spent our weekend... cleaning up after a freak storm...
And to think, just a few short weeks ago, we were doing THIS!


Jack is too funny. As soon as he steps off the bus, I can read him like a book. Big goofy giant-toothed smile = good day. Head down, shoulders all hunched over and fake pout = bad day. Red-faced holding his jacket and looking frazzled = Hot day. Cranky face, still yelling obscenities over his shoulder = someone on bus pissed him off kind of day.

We had a quick power outage today, and it threw all of my clocks off. The microwaves and various electric clocks around the house were either blinking or off by an hour. I guess that’s how long the power was out? Who knows. It also seems that the two battery-operated clocks that we have BOTH decided to run out of juice today. How freaken peculiar! So therefore when I got home from work, I wasn’t entirely sure what time it was, and wasn’t entirely sure if I had a few minutes before Jack’s bus came.

I chugged down the driveway, dodging all of the branches and various storm debris, slipping and sliding on all of the wet leaves…of course my 70-degree steep driveway angle doesn’t help. But I made it to the street. Not a soul in sight. I waited and waited, the wind started howling. I looked down the street and none of the other moms were posted at their driveways. I worried that I had totally missed the bus. But then I saw the it coming. Whew.

Jack came down the steps with his “jacket off, holding a bunch of stuff, smiling, but not in the giant-toothed way, and then sort of frowned”. I checked my list of expressions. What did this mean!?? I couldn’t tell. OR he’s finally gaining his version of a poker face. Throw every emotion at Mom and she’ll never figure me out. I’m sure he’s saying that to himself.

Jack: I said a bad word in the hall and a teacher heard me.

me: (aha, it’s GUILT! This is a new one) Soo, what word was it?

Jack: Kill.

me: You said it TO her??

Jack: No, I just said it to another kid. Not like I was going to KILL him, but just in another way.

me: What did the teacher say?

Jack: To not say it again.

me: What did you say?

Jack: Nothing.

me: Good man. So that’s it? How was the rest of the day?

Jack: I got a card in music.

me: Is that like soccer? Did they throw you out?

Jack: Huh?? NO, then you have to go see the teacher at the end of class.

me: What happened?

Jack: I was singing too loud.

me: Remember this happened last year a lot? You need to sing softer sweetie.

Jack: But I LIKE to sing!

me: Well if they tell you to sing the song softer, just listen and you won’t get in trouble.

Jack: I wasn’t singing their song.

me: Sigh.

Jack: I sang “Party rock is in the house tonight!”

me: Sigh. Okay. Well don’t do it again.

Jack: But you sing it all the time.

me: It’s catchy. Kinda sticks in your head.

Jack: That’s what I TOLD her.

me: Well, just try to follow the teacher’s rules okay?

Jack: In my class I went up to Good Day though.

me: That’s good news. Excellent!

Jack: Does it all even out?

me: Uh.. I guess so. Doesn’t sound terrible.

Jack: Good, because I wasn’t sure if I had a good day or bad.

me: Yeah, too many different stories today. I think you had an okay day. Don’t say any bad words and keep it down with the voice of yours! (we both laugh)

Jack: So good day means I can watch Sponge Bob, right?

me: Aha, an agenda. Yeah you can watch.

Jack: I knew if I convinced you it was a good day you’d let me watch it. You’re the best Mommy!

me: Don’t I know it!

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