Bedtime, Emotions

5 best questions of the day

5 questions that led to lengthy discussions that is. A few happened right at bedtime, which is customary with Jack. Lights out, covered up in fluffy blankets, a few friends snuggled in, all is well in the world, and then WHAM!

1. Will I get a step mother that will replace you? (Uh…no.)

2. It’s really hard for a mom to be a mom, isn’t it? Why would anyone want to do it? They always have to get up and get you stuff, and there’s no qualifying exam, is there? (Amen.)

3. Why don’t we stop having babies and just let them grow up and live forever so no one has to die? We can just make houses really close together to fit everyone. (I love how he says “we”.)

4. Why do you sometimes forget dessert, when it has to happen every single night? (I’m a retard of course.)

5. I don’t want to die of carbon monoxide so can you please make an appointment to get the furnace cleaned?!! (Yes I’ll get right on that.)

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