Well, you know what they say?

Jack: Who’s “they”

me: They who?

Jack: That’s what I’m asking.

me: I don’t know what you’re saying.

Jack: When they say they, who are they?

me: Who are you talking about. Who’s they?

Jack: That’s what I just asked you!

me: Do you mean in general? The general they?

Jack: They’re the military?

me: Sigh.


Jack: This joke is sooo funny but it has a bad word in it that I have to say if I tell you the joke.

me: Hmmm…okayyyy?

Jack: Well the ending is funny and it’s “…everyone but me is an idiot!!!” Sorry. I tried that joke out on the bus last year.


Jack: You don’t want to know how that turned out.


Jack: This pasta is good!

me: Thanks. Glad you like it.

Jack: Did you know that a wasp lays its eggs on a spider and when the babies hatch they eat the spider and save the vital organs for last, so the spider’s alive while it’s being devoured?

me: (looking down at my pasta)

Jack: Gross huh?

(P.S. Jack’s quoting Calvin and Hobbes directly now. He memorized the wasp story verbatim. I thought he was telling me something he learned at school. Either way, still GROSS!)

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