I’m not actually sure what you’d call this

My first thought was “double entendre” but of course, coming from a 6 year old…Nahhhh. But there has to be a name for what Jack has now started doing with his words. Opposite speak? Well, either way. He’s a trickster alright. And I don’t mean the band from the 90’s. (and of course I totally went off track and found Trixter photos OMG!!)

Here's how they looked in the late 80's when I listened to them. Maybe 1990...
This was the album cover that they all signed for me and my friend Karin. We were DJ's in college and got to interview them on their tour with Dokken. Oh yeah!
Aaannnd, here's what they look like now.


Where was I? Oh yes, my BLOG. About my SON. Yes. Okay, so he’s been saying some sh*t. Understatement? Of course. I have years and years of material left to get out of this kid. He never lets me down.

Jack: Today I was accidentally hitting my friend but then he pinned me down and tried to spit on me and then I flipped him over and…

me: Let me guess, this was in the classroom?

Jack: No in gym. I will call this “Purposely Accidental”.

me: You’ve named the move?

Jack: No, it’s when I do something that looks accidental but it’s on purpose? You know?

me: Yeah I know, I was sort of just kidding.

Jack: And then in music I was singing loudly again and…

me: Again? But you always get in trouble for that.

Jack: I had to sit at the table for 10 minutes. (he frowns).

me: Well next time you’ll be quieter I guess, if you don’t like having to sit out and miss the fun.

Jack: But I was actually doing my best and most “Quietest Loudness”.

me: Oh really? Is that the official term for being loud in music but then pretending it was quiet? (I’m laughing now, and Jack starts giggling)

Jack: You’re being sarcastic!

me: The most “unsarcastic sarcastic” Mom you have. That’s what I am.

Jack: No, you’re the “most fun boring Mom” ever.

me: Gee, thanks.



2 thoughts on “I’m not actually sure what you’d call this”

  1. Oxymorons!!
    Figure of speech that uses contradictory terms.
    OMG. So funny! I’m sure he’d love to learn that he’s using a really fun English term. Haha.


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