A woman’s work is never done. Ever.

Jack: What does that even MEAN?

me: A woman’s work is never done? That?

Jack: Yeah.

me: You tell me. Do you ever see me sitting down with my feet up holding a cup of tea, doing nothing?

Jack: You’d be drinking tea.

me: Not getting into semantics wise guy. What do you think it means? What are the top 10 reasons a woman’s work is never done?

Jack: Cuz of a kid?

me: That’s 1.

Jack: Cuz of a kid!

me: Yes, that would be 1 and 2! Next…

Jack: Because of your life?

me: I guess. I did choose this. Hmmm… So that’s 3.

Jack: Because the cats pee and poop in your bed now?

me: Sigh. It’s just Ed. Thanks for reminding me. That could be the rest of the list actually.

Jack: And what about loud noises and clanging from your kid?

me: That’s woman’s work?

Jack: Well you have to come in and tell me to stop it.

me: Correct. That’s number 5. Five more reasons why a woman’s work is never done. Come on you can do it!

Jack: Well you can rest at your desk at work and fall asleep.

me: Uh, nooooo I can’t.

Jack: That’s 6. Seven is A Man’s Work is Done When He Gets Home!

me: Ha ha! So true.

Jack: Dad and I just sit around watching Star Wars all day. ha ha ha!

me: Sigh. What’s 8?

Jack: Um, I’m glad I’m not a woman because her work is never done.

me: Smart boy. Nine?

Jack: You have to clean up toys mostly. That’s 9.

me: And 10? What’s the biggest most important thing that I do every waking moment of every day?

Jack: Chores for EVERYone. Even Dad. And he doesn’t even live here any more.

me: Amen sister.

Jack: Heyyyy! I’m not your sister!

12 thoughts on “A woman’s work is never done. Ever.”

  1. I had a cat who would pee in my day-bed…thankfully not my bed, bed. I think she was doing it to get back at me for some nonsense, who knows what? What a pain in the arse washing all that bedding all the time. I renamed her to Mrs. Peebody. I don’t have her anymore, she died, not by my hand, I promise! But I do miss her, just not cleaning up her pee messes. Funny post.


    1. This cat is definitely stressed. I was away for two weeks… my husband has moved out of the house… etc… etc… Ed is a very “sensitive” cat. He’s the cat that sees us pull suitcases out of the basement and starts throwing up. He knows we’re going away on a trip. Poor boy. I think he’s responding to all of the life changes. OR he’s getting old.


  2. Btw, my son was born on October 23rd. Being a stay at home mom is definitely work that is never done! Lol.
    Being a first time mom is exciting and scary. Any words of advice? ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Oh yaaayyyy! And you’re actually on the computer being normal? How … normal of you! I think I cried for a few months, lol!! I was a post-partum mess. Geez… (Vietnam flashbacks going on…) Best advice I ever got: You are the mom. You will always, always know what is best for your child if you listen to your intuition. Stop second guessing yourself. Your child will be FINE! (I worried myself sick..well I had reasons but that’s another story…Sick I tell you, over every little sniffle, rash, cry, non-cry, gurgle that sounded like a goat so I thought he was choking, etc etc.) I always wanted to have a 2nd baby just so I could actually enjoy it. Now that I know what I know… friggen piece of cake. Aside from never sleeping again in your adult life. Please seriously love it to death. All of it. Even the bad stuff. Before you know it this little kid will be talking SH*T to you just like mine. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You think I’m on a computer?! HA!
    I’m on my cell phone, laying in bed with my Munchkin while he sleeps. I can’t leave his side. Lol. I’ve def already been a mess, freaking out about everything. But I think I’m starting to calm down about things. Even though I constantly think he might have a fever and that I have to rush him to the ER. O_O


    1. How totally old fashioned of me to think that everyone still has to be at a computer! If you’re calming down now after only one month, you are doing an excellent job!


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