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How NOT to deliver a Thanksgiving pie…

Yep I baked a sweet potato pie for the first time ever, and I’m delivering it to my brother’s house tomorrow with a slice missing. If I blame Bella, will they believe me?


10 minutes ago:

Pie comes out of the oven. I’m starving. Haven’t eaten a real dinner unless you count the lime-flavored Tostitos that I ate while I was baking. Do the math. I’ve never baked this kind of pie and was hesitant to deliver it untasted for real actual people to taste! It’s really good by the way, maybe a bit too sweet. Note to self to cut down sugar to 3/4 cup.


1/2 hour ago:

Me watching Howie Mandel (wtf??) on his new show “Mobbed” while said pie is baking away in the oven, making the house smell incredible might I add. Ed loves when I watch TV, which is never ever, so he will come running from wherever when he hears the pop/whiz of the TV coming on.


3 hours ago:

Me racing around Stop & Shop looking for the last few ingredients needed for the pie and a few other dishes I’m bringing up to my brother’s.


4 hours ago:

Sitting in spectacular traffic coming home from the train station. It’s raining. Everyone and their mother is out on the road. Heading in my direction. Why am I even here?


5 hours ago:

Standing room only on the return train, after delivering “the package” to Grand Central Station. Check out the new display for Apple. Cool huh? Can you see what’s under the sign? Look closely. Sort of under the word “Soon” and to the right a bit. Armed mo-fo guards, that’s what. Guarding the sign? Who knows. They didn’t look happy when I took this photo.


6 hours ago:

Jack: We’re gonna miss Dad!

me: No we’re not, his train isn’t here yet. Let’s go look at the Train museum store.

Jack: Yay! I love that store! Can I get a T-shirt.

me: Of course…We’ll find one with a #7 line on it for when you turn 7. Now remember, NO eating or drinking in the store and do NOT touch the displays. They get all violent when that happens.

Jack: Okay!

Jack eating goldfish while looking at the train display in the Transit Museum.
Jack now trying to touch the trains. Sigh. See the big guard with the black jacket and white shirt coming to get him? I pretended that Jack belonged to another mom for a few minutes...


7 hours ago:

Jack (aka The Package): Mom, can I play on your iPad?

me: In a few…I have to finish this email. Look out the window.

Jack: Train windows are BOR-ing. How about now? You done??

me: Grrrr…


8 hours ago:

me: We have to get going Jack, or we’ll miss the train.

Jack: (grabs a book and heads into the little bathroom)

me: Sigh. (glancing nervously at the clock)

Jack: Okay I’m readyyyyyyy!

me: Bout time. Let’s hop in the car.

Jack: But wait, I want to have a fun Thanksgiving with YOU!!

me: I know, but you’ll start a new fun tradition with Daddy and Grandma…

Jack: You better not bake any pumpkin pies without me! Or you’ll just have to do it all over again when I come home.

me: (!)


Hence the idea for a sweet potato pie. Like that roundabout story? I’m tired. The fact that 8 hours ago we were just GETTING OUT THE DOOR to the train exhausts me, because before that I had to go load up my car with garbage for a trip to the dump, get gas in the car, drop off packages at UPS (all before work people!), then go to work and ACTUALLY work! Then race to pick Jack up from school, yadda yadda yadda, start at the top of this post and read again. I may just go eat another piece of this pie. Seriously, I baked it. Why not!


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