Saturday morning cartoons… Ahhhh…

Here’s how I remember Saturdays:

Here’s how my younger brother (born in the 80’s) remembers Saturdays:

And here’s how Jack will remember his Saturday mornings:

Jack: Tomorrow I’m getting up SOOO early to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

me: I don’t think I’ll let you watch anything before 7, so you might want to rethink that.

Jack: But Mom! They’ll all be over by then!

me: I think they’re just getting started at that time. Either way, if you’re up really early, the TV is staying off until 7.

Jack: Just because back in the olden days you couldn’t even watch TV, doesn’t mean I should have to suffer!

me: (!)

6 thoughts on “Saturday morning cartoons… Ahhhh…”

  1. I just laughed out loud! I just bought my kids the School House Rock DVD. They were not nearly as impressed as I hoped that they would be.
    I think we must have been the same generation. The funny thing is that Saturday morning does not have the same importance to my kids. In fact, when I have tried to explain that cartoons were not on all the time… I get a lot of disbelief.


  2. Aww man I totally remember ‘our’ Saturday morning cartoons. I miss ‘School House Rock’, ‘Duck Tales’ and all that. I do not like the cartoons they have now, if I have kids, my kids are doomed, which makes me really sad.

    Jack is a trip…back in the olden days…hehehe that is how I feel especially when ‘Forrest Gump’ is a considered a classic. :/

    Oh why must we get older. :/

    Great post. :0)


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