Listening to Jack read a Think Geek catalog

Jack: A fully functioning remote controlled tank with real fire power? I NEEEEEED that…

me: Oh I’m sure that’s happening.

Jack: (not listening to me, still reading) …cuddle with the undead… EWWWW!

me: What the heck product is that?

Jack: Shhh, I’m reading.

me: Sigh.

Jack: The monkey is holding my EXACT 6-shooter. Sweet.

me: What monkey? The cartoon?

Jack: (ignores me)

me: (changing the subject) Hey, your water bottle is still full here. What did you drink all day?

Jack: I drank DRANKS, whaddya think?

me: (stifling laughter)

Jack: (finally looks up annoyed) I mean DRINKS. Whatever. (tosses the magazine and leaves the room)

me: Sheesh, what a grump.

2 thoughts on “Listening to Jack read a Think Geek catalog”

  1. Hey you were breaking his consintration…sheesh how about some consideration here…hehehe :0)

    I wonder what Jack is going to think when he reads these when he is older. :0)


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