The day of yes’s. Sometimes you just gotta.

Jack: Mom, can I get this lego toy? Pleeeaasssseeeeee?

me: (I look at the box, then at him, then back at the box, then at him) Sure.

Jack: (pauses ready for a fight) Huh? What?? …  Yayyyyy!!! You’re the best mommy ever!!

me: Okay let’s go home and play.

Jack: Yes! Best idea ever! Can I do the swiping at the register?

me: Yep.

Jack: Yay!

me: Get in the car, and buckle up.

Jack: Can I help you steer up the driveway? (he knows he’s on a roll)

me: Sure, come up here and sit with me.

Jack: (beaming) I’m driving!

me: Well not exactly, but you’re helping.

Jack: I’m driving!

me: Ha ha. What do you want for dinner?

Jack; Oh, can we just have a sandwich?

me: Okay, that’s easy enough.

Jack: Really? I don’t want any fancy fish or something that is all cooked and gross. I mean…Sorry!

me: No problem. Go watch Sponge Bob while I make it.

Jack: Really? Yayyyy!

me: (few minutes later) Okay here’s the food, scoot over.

Jack: What? In here? We can eat and watch?

me: Yep, but not Sponge Bob.

Jack: Awww…

me: I thought you might want to see Home Alone again?

Jack: (gasps with delight) Really!??? (he trips over his own feet getting up to find the movie) And we can eat and watch the WHOLE thing?

me: Of course! We have enough time before bed.

Jack: Oh I love you soo sooo much Mommy! (many hugs and kisses)

me: Really? Food and videos is all it takes?

Jack: And toys. And driving your car.

me: Oh yeah.

Jack: What’s for dessert?

me: Oreos.

Jack: WOW! We never get those!

me: Well, they’re the organic Newman’s kind.

Jack: Yessss! I love Newman’s! That’s the best end to the best day ever! Even if it’s organic, you still tried your hardest.


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