So, like yeahhh, and then I don’t know… what??

Ever try to talk to a kid that’s watching TV, or reading, or doing anything other than paying complete attention to you? A little frustrating to say the least. These are real actual conversations, if you can call them that, that I’ve had with Jack when he’s a little preoccupied!

me: Hey Jack!

Jack: — (reading)

me: Jack?  JACK!

Jack: Sheesh why are you yelling (he goes back to reading)

me: Here’s your drink (I extend my hand)

Jack: (doesn’t look up) uh-huh…

me: Jack take this.

Jack: Huh?

me: The cup, take the CUP please!

Jack: I’m THIRSTY! (he then looks up and sees the drink) Oh, thanks. (back to reading)

me: Sigh…


me: Jack, can you turn that down? It’s too loud.

Jack: It’s the TV.

me: Sigh, I know, I’m asking you to turn it down.

Jack: (burps)

me: Turn it down AND what do you say?

Jack: Uh..Thank you? (he’s not removing his eyes from the screen but has twisted his body towards me)

me: Hellooo?

Jack: WHAT? I said I’m SORRY!

me: What are you talking about, you said thank you.

Jack: Then why do you want me to say I’m sorry, sheesh.

me: (I turn the TV off)

Jack: Heyyyyy!!!

me: Focus, look at me. I said to please turn it down.

Jack: Sheesh! Why don’t you just say so instead of yelling all the time? GEEZ!


Jack: (on phone with his dad, and reading at the same time) Hi Dad.

Dennis: Hi Jack, How was your day?

Jack: Uh… (flips pages)

me: Talk to him please Jack.

Jack: I had a sandwich for lunch.

Dennis: Uh, okay. How was your day?

Jack: Good.

Dennis: What did you do in school today?

Jack: (reading) It was good…

Dennis: Did you have gym?

Jack: Um, like yeahhh I don’t know… (flip flip)

me: Sigh, close the book and answer him please. Tell him you went up to “good day” on your chart.

Jack: I went up to good day.

Dennis: I already asked you that.

Jack: No you didn’t.

Dennis: You said you had a good day.

Jack: I’m talking about my CHART!

Dennis: (phone breaks up) What?

me: SIGH

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