10 favorite lines of the day, including: Where’s your baby hole?

Don’t you just love the cross-eyed look that Jack always gives now? GRRRR!!! He usually pulls his ears and goes cross-eyed for every photo. Sigh. Jack got his red/white belt today at Tae Kwon Do, so this is a before pic of him with his brown belt. More photos at the bottom!

Okay, back to the title of this post. Yes Jack and I pee together still. I’m thinking maybe…no more? He was washing his hands while I peed and I noticed he was trying to see exactly (ahem)…well read the title of this post again. Soooo, I told him it’s in that general area. He cracked up and I think we just crossed that line of him peeing by himself from now on. Awwwww!!!

So that was number 10.

9. All the boy’s in my class don’t like kissing by the way, because I tried…

8. It’s my brain, NOT my skin that makes me do bad things!

7. You know, I say things in my head that I don’t mean. I mean, they’re NOT mean things, but I don’t MEAN them, and …eh let’s just change the subject.

6. Why do people care about grades so much? Getting a B+ still means you pass. Sheesh!

5. How were bad words invented? I just learned that “hell” was bad. Who the hell knew that?

4. Becoming fat on chocolate shakes…ahhh that’s the life!

3. Every boy tries to impress girls by acting strange.

2. Is it okay if I marry you someday? Wait, is that illegal?

1. I bet at least one person in this world has married their mother, right?

During the test
After the test!
How cute are they?

2 thoughts on “10 favorite lines of the day, including: Where’s your baby hole?”

    1. He took a photo of Gabe’s foot, you stretching and then the floor mats. SIGH! I only have one blurry one of me against the wall but you can’t tell it’s me. 🙂


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