It’s almost time for Ho Ho Ho…

Step away from the cookies!!

Jack is SUPER excited for Christmas this year. He of course still believes in Santa, and is at that age where he is SO anxious to wake up and get his presents that he can hardly fall asleep. I love seeing the wonder and belief in his eyes!

I tried to wrangle him upstairs while making sure he didn’t sneak any more sugary treats! We made my chocolate chip cookies for Santa this year. No sugar cookies. Bleh. I’m full of that from Thanksgiving. They were good, but I wanted something different. I mean… SANTA wanted something different. Heh heh.

My family is staying over tonight so it’s the first Christmas for that, and the first Christmas without Jack’s Dad here. We’re making a new tradition, I can feel it. Jack was extremely excited to have people sleep over and wake up on Christmas morning with him.

Right before Jack went to bed we put out 3 chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. Jack Art Directed the arrangement. 🙂 Then he went upstairs and I got him (finally) into bed. My brother and I came downstairs, started eating the cookies and drinking the milk. Pitter patter of feet coming downstairs. GAH!!! Hide the evidence!! We were almost SO busted. SIGH!!!

Jack: Mom, I’ve been calling you!

me: Sorry, the dishwasher was on and I couldn’t hear.

Jack: I can’t sleep!

me: Jack, we just put you to bed 5 minutes ago. You have to give it time honey.

Jack: (plodding back upstairs) I’m having trouble breathing. (he coughs)

me: Okay, inhaler time. (we get that going)

Jack: My eye itches… (we get a wet paper towel)

me: Better?

Jack: My throat itches too… (Benadryl)

me: You did have some bumps on your lips, did you eat something funny? Maybe the glaze on the ham was weird?

Jack: Yeah, I feel allergic.

me: Its okay, just relax now and you’ll start to feel better and sleepy.

Jack: I’ve tried and tried but I just can’t sleep.

me: I know, it’s an exciting time. But you have to give Santa a chance to get here and deliver the presents, okay? Try and doze off.

Jack: Be warned, I might come out there to check the tree for my presents in the middle of the night.

me: No you won’t.

Jack: Sigh. Well, if I’m up at 6 I’m opening stuff.

me: 6:30. And you have to come get me first.

Jack: Sigh. It’s hard to wait that long.

me: Try and go to sleep while you listen for the sound of hooves on the roof.

Jack: (whispering) Really?

me: Yes, you’ll hear them tiptoeing across the roof trying not to wake you up.

Jack: (yawns) Whoaaaa….

me: Merry Christmas little man.

Jack: I love you. But can I just —

me: (interrupting) Not earlier than 6:30.

Jack: Aw man!

Jack said: I'm too old for writing letters to Santa. Then he proceeded to really attach 5 pages of things he wanted.
Proof (sort of) that I mailed Jack's letter for him.

7 thoughts on “It’s almost time for Ho Ho Ho…”

    1. Oh he’s VERY meticulous about his lists. It’s funny, most of the things he “asked for” (which were things circled in catalogs) were things he already has. Weird. The one thing he asked for was a megaphone. So I got him the most amazing voice changing megaphone I could find. It has about 12 different settings from Robot, to chipmunk, to Darth Vader…very cool. I’ll be hearing that for months!!!


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