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Gulliver’s Travels – a book review by Jack

Me: So how did you like this book?

Jack: I read it and it was interesting and pretty good!

Me: What was your favorite part?

Jack: My favorite part was when um Gulliver saw a floating island.

Me: Yeah?

Jack: The island is used to crush towns and its weakness is (hold on let me think) … Hey don’t type in brackets…it’s a rotating gear that some scientists controlled by the King’s demands.

Me: What else?

Jack: Some scientists either fall asleep on the job or they may forget what they’re actually supposed to be doing.

Me: Was it a fun book that you would recommend?

Jack: Yes!

Me: Who would like it?

Jack: My friends and kids my age and maybe a little older than me.

Me: What was the strangest thing you read?

Jack: When Gulliver saw the floating island. That’s it.

Me: Cool! Anything you’d like to tell the kids?

Jack: It’s a good book and you’d probably be likely to like it!

Me: That’s a tongue twister!

Jack: Whoa we did a lot of writing! We can print this out, send it off and we’ll be famous!

Me: Not likely… 🙂


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