10 Questions I have no answer to

Jack likes to ask questions. What kid doesn’t? He’s been asking some scary, thoughtful, profound questions since he was old enough to talk. Some I have answers for, and others? I don’t even know where to begin. Since Jack is with his Dad until NEXT YEAR (!) I thought I would recap some of my favorite questions.

If any of you have answers to these that I may pass on to Jack, please leave them in the comments. I would love to hear some different opinions. 🙂

1. Why do we only have one life?

2. How did the Earth grow?

3. If I eat my vegetables will I live to be 100?

4. What happens to our body when we die?

5. When I was in heaven I picked you…did you pick me?

6. Can we visit the sun?

7. When I’m old can I watch any movie I want?

8. Why do real trains go straight, but toy trains go in a circle?

9. Where do we get turkey from? Do they just give it to us if we ask?

10. Why don’t you have a penis?


10 thoughts on “10 Questions I have no answer to”

  1. Question #3.
    Yes, my dad who eats some meat but eats mostly vegetables is 95.

    Question #7

    Question #2
    Book of Genesis

    Question #5
    Luck of the draw!

    Question #6
    Maybe when you get older.

    Loved this post! My favorite question #8. It is very Jack.


  2. 1- some religions think we have more than one life but there is no real way to prove it.
    2-very long story involving chemistry and gravity? We don’t know all the details. It happened before people existed.
    3-it might help you live longer and feel stronger, but sometimes people die anyway for a lot of reasons, like they get hit by a bus
    4-we feed insects, animals and plants and become part of the Earth and air
    5-I am glad you picked me, I will always pick you
    6-no way, it is 11,000 degrees and melts everything too fast
    7-yes, but you won’t like movies as much by the time you are old because the more movies you see, the more they all start to seem the same
    8-because a straight track has to end and the toy train will crash because it doesn’t have a driver
    9-if you ask a turkey it will not give itself, but a farmer or store will sell it to you if you ask
    10-I don’t need one. Penises help men start to make babies, but then women finish them inside their tummies.


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