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Hot pineapple phone call






Jack: Hi Dad!

Dennis: Hey how was your day?

Jack: Pretty good. We’re going to Mommy’s class now.

Dennis: Oh…what did you eat for dinner?

Jack: (harsh whisper to me) What was that stuff called?

me: Pineapple fried rice.

Jack: It was pineapple fried rice.

Dennis: Sounds good.

Jack: It’s really not as good as it sounds because it had HOT pineapple in it. I mean really, who puts hot pineapple in FRIED RICE!? Sheesh…

Dennis: So you like your pineapple cold?

Jack: Yeah, the way it’s SUPPOSED to be.

(they finish up the call)

me: So you didn’t like my rice, eh?

Jack: Ummm…I did, just not the HOT pineapple.

me: Okay, no hot pineapple next time.

Jack: You know I really think we said HOT pineapple enough tonight. Why do you go ahead and make dinners that start to take over my life?

4 thoughts on “Hot pineapple phone call”

    1. Recipe soooo easy! Heat some oil in a pan…scramble an egg in it. Then add diced onion, veggies that you like, I did the usual peas, carrots, corn and a tiny bit of red pepper…then add day old rice and stir it all up to get hot. Meanwhile add a little butter, a few dashes of soy for color, and then I add the Trader Joe’s brand Soyaki sauce which is really just ginger and garlic. Then at the last minute I added fresh cut up pineapple to warm it up. Yum!! I added grilled chicken to the leftovers tonight and it was still super good.


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