Tell me that again…

me: Wow, where did I get such a handsome boy? (I usually ask that when I’m fixing Jack’s hair)

Jack: You said you made me so that’s where.

me: Right… You are looking good! Once I put this stuff in your hair you’ll have all the girls chasing you around.

Jack: Mommmmmm… (he acts disgusted but then straightens out) Wait…why are they gonna chase me around?

me: Because you’ll look so handsome and they’ll want to be around you.

Jack: But what exactly will they want? (he’s all business now)

me: Oh I don’t know, maybe a smooch?

Jack: Ewwwwwww…

me: I know I know…I’m just kidding.

Jack: (cuts me off) Wait, tell me that part again how they will want to kiss me.

(I’ve created a monster…now he fixes his hair just so every morning…)

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