Nice. Thanks for reading my funny little blog about the boy who says a lot of sh*t. Amazing that I’ve gotten 18,000 views. Well, 18,001. But who’s counting?

We’re visiting my family this weekend in Massachusetts. Which involves a lot of eating. Ugh. We normally go out for breakfast, and then go somewhere afterwards to eat. Seriously. When Jack and I arrived…everyone got a taste of Jack’s new colorful language.

Jack: Why the hell are we standing around in the kitchen, let’s go!

me (and family): WHAT??

me: Sigh…Home Alone… “Why the hell’d you take your shoes off, why the hell are you dressed like a chicken”…it was bound to happen.

Jack: That’s not bad.

me: Yea it is. Don’t say it.

Jack: Is this just more stuff for your blog??? Shit my 6-year-old says?

me: Sigh…Well it’s “7” now…so I guess 7 year olds should know about good manners and language, eh?

Jack: (with a British accent) Terribly sorry mutha, but I’ve got to go to the loo!

me: Sigh…

2 thoughts on “18,000 views!”

  1. OMG I love Jack he is so cute and so witty!!! I don’t know how I would react if my kids were like this, I don’t know if I would be dear in the headlights, or come back at him like I would to my husband (since I really think my kids are going to be just like this and their father) but in a version that a little kid understands. Well, at least I know my life will definitely not be boring…keep it up Jack, keep it up. :0)


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