Jack’s best redneck impersonation

Jack is GREAT with accents! Really amazingly talented as a mimic, whether it’s French, British, Russian, or now…hillbilly.

Jack cracked me up once this weekend when he climbed into bed with me at 5:30 a.m. Because he was cold. He put on his best affected British accent full of dry wit.

Jack: Mutha, I’m freezing my bunzzz off!

me: Why? Isn’t your bed comfy?

Jack: It’s just so cold and wee…

me: (cracking up) Where the heck do you get this stuff Jack?

Jack: (doesn’t break character or accent) Whatever are you speaking of??

Well I lost it laughing and luckily got him to go back in his own bed for at least another hour. Whew. But now let’s talk hillbilly. Jack came out with this Mater/Larry the cable guy meets hillbilly accent in the car this weekend. Uncle John was with us.

Jack: Lookit! Thems people’s ain’t smart enough to live in a house!!

me and John: Whaaaaattt? Hahahaha!!! Omg…

Jack: I downe knows. I ain’t been smart enuff ta goes ta school…

me: (laughing hysterically) Uh oh, dont say this in school Jack!!

Jack: I ain’t readin no mo books. They hurts my head… Look! Them people’s livin on the street! (he points to somebody walking) I ain’t smart enoughs ta talk normal no more.

It went on for a while. We asked him where he heard this and didn’t know. Sounded a lot like Mater from the Cars movie but boy, this kid has an ear for accents. Just a few weeks ago he repeated the line from Home Alone with a perfect French accent… “you’re what the French call les incompetant!!”

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