1 thing that’s worse than a Spanish movie about dogsledding…

me: What did you do in school today? Gym?

Jack: No, we had music today…

me: Do anything fun in music?

Jack: Kinda…we watched a movie called the Magic Flute.

me: Cool! That must have been a nice break from all your hard work.

Jack: Wellll, it’s all in German AND it’s opera. Who would put those things together? I can’t understand either one!

me: Hmmm, Germans that like opera?

Jack: You have to be tri-languagell to even understand it!

me: Wow, tri-languagell…that’s more than bilingual.

Jack: I know! When I was with Dad we saw this Spanish movie about dog sledding. THIS movie was WAYYY worse than that. Sheesh.

I’m pretty sure that Jack saw the cartoon version of this movie, but as I looked for an image to put with this post, I found the shot at the top, which shows the movie version of the Magic Flute, and that it’s a Kenneth Branagh film. And I LOVE Kenneth Branagh. Ever see him play Shacketon? OMG, BRILLIANT performance that still gives me goosebumps … and not because it’s set in Antarctica. That mini series is a must-see. And I think I’m going to check out Netflix for the Magic Flute now!

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