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2 games of chess lost to a 7-year old

Yes he’s getting that good! I was surprised to see Jack picking up on some strategy, planning a move or two ahead, learning to “protect” one of his pieces from my potential next move against him. It’s Amazing to watch him learn…

I’m not exceptionally good at chess, I’m probably just average because I distract myself and hyper over-think my next moves. Plus, I just don’t care that much, haha. Jack, however, is really getting into it and sneaks up on me quite a bit. I’m past the stage of letting him win one of my pawns to make him feel good…now I have to watch my ass because he gets me in check and I’m starting to scramble. Very funny to see his progression.

Also, he likes to remember things his own way, which is sooo totally like me…

me: Remember, the king can only move one space at a time.

Jack: I know! I call him the British. Like that king. We beat him in the war against the redcoats so he’s slow and can only move one space.

me: Interesting…

Jack: The pawns are guards to me.

me: Yes they’re exactly like guards. They help protect the king.

Jack: I call the rooks the tough guys because they seem tough.

me: (laughing) You are too funny Jack… What about the queen?

Jack: She’s just the queen.

me: The knight?

Jack: He’s the “horse”. And don’t even ask me about this one…

me: The bishop? Why? What’s that called?

Jack: I don’t even know why we have this piece because when you turn it around it looks just like Miami undies!!

me: what the heck are you talking about?

Jack: Undies. That you would see in Miami.

(anyone wanna help me out with this…does the hat look like a speedo or something?)

8 thoughts on “2 games of chess lost to a 7-year old”

  1. I’m going to guess that he means a thong or something? I have no idea but thats what I would think if someone said undies you would see in Miami.


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