The hundred and one-th day of school

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me: Hey, I didn’t realize today was the hundredth day of school…

Jack: Yeah, we did a fun packet of stuff and tomorrow is the celebration.

me: How come it’s not today?

Jack: I don’t know, they decided to do it on the hundred and one-th day of school…

me: Haha, one hundred and first.

Jack: (gives me an evil eye) When you correct me, that just SUCKS…(dramatic pause) my thumb!

me: (paused ready to reprimand) Hahahahaaaa! Okay Jack, you’re quick. But still, not a good word and I don’t like it. Clever though…

Jack: I’m your clever boy. Will you still be alive when I move into my first house?

me: I sure hope so.

Jack: (panic look)

me: I mean, of course!

Jack: I drew a picture in school of what I’ll look like when I’m 100. But I think it’s more what you’ll look like.

me: Totally flattering. Sheesh. But I have a crown on?

Jack: No that’s your old hair.

me: Sigh.

Jack: There’s one more paper I did in case I become president.

me: Okay, let’s see it.

Jack: I’ll read it! If I were president I would make sure people didn’t use land fills. This is important because it would keep the earth clean. I would go on TV and tell everybody not to use land fills. I could also travel around the world and tell everybody.

me: Wow, nice writing. But, no landfills? Where would the garbage go?

Jack: How the heck should I know. I’m not president yet. That’s Obama’s problem.

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