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What does a urinal taste like?

Well I’m glad you asked. Or wait, I asked didn’t I…

Jack and I sat down to a dinner of kielbasa and roasted cauliflower. Seems rather old country. But it’s cold and somehow the roasting veggies and the fatty meat seemed to suit the evening. We had to top it off with thick slabs of that cake from yesterday, didn’t we. But instead of milk, we had some lemonade left over from dinner. Maybe not the best combo.

Jack: Can you read me some of the Barn book while we eat cake? It’s funny because his son’s name is Pie. Get it?

me: Haha, yeah. But…I don’t think I can read and chew… Here, you can read it while you eat.

Jack starts reading and eating cake…I’m sure I’ll find chocolate crumbs in there next time I read that book, which will be next Fall. I’m weird like that.

Jack: What does this word mean…oh nevermind… (he keeps reading and shoveling in cake)

me: Don’t mess my book!

Jack: Do I have a drink…? Oh… (he drinks the lemonade)… AARRGGHHH! This tastes EXACTLY like the urinal in Home Depot!!! EXACTLY!! (he feigns dying and falls off the chair)

me: And you’ve tasted the urinal?

Jack: I think we can all imagine what THAT tastes like, can’t we??

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