Biological vs. Adopted

Take that topic very loosely. This is not an in-depth study here people. It’s Jack, remember. We start out eating dinner and end up tasting urinals, so you never know what can happen in the span of a 5-minute conversation. Last night we were talking about being adopted, and biological parents, etc.

Jack: What’s that word that means it’s your real mother?

me: Maternal? What are you talking about?

Jack: No, when it’s your own baby that you had… it’s Biology or something?

me: Oh, biological. The mommy that actually gives birth to you is your biological mommy. But there are other kinds of mommies too.

Jack: Adopted mommies?

me: Yeah, lots of kids have adoptive parents, but they’re still real parents. Because they take care of them and raise them. Does that make sense?

Jack: You’re my biological mom and dad is my biological dad. Right?

me: Yep.

Jack: Sometimes Daddy is all yelling and bad words and Mommy is all heart heart heart and videos and sunshine and lollipops.

me: Oh really? Ha ha ha! Interesting.

Jack: And then sometimes you’re not so hearty.

me: Ok.

Jack: Where did I come from again?

me: Well, I have tiny eggs inside me and one of them turned into you!

Jack: I was once … an EGG? I thought I came fresh out!!!!

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