Bedtime, Travel

Are you tripping?

Jack: Are you tripping again?

me: Excuse me?

Jack: Going on trips. You know!

me: I have two more trips for work then I’m done…

Jack: Where do you go first?

me: Chicago…

Jack: Bring me back something Chicagoish!

He’s thinking of Home Alone where Kevin says bring me back something French. Too funny.

I’m in Chicago now. Woke up to use the bathroom and realized I hadn’t posted this. So here I am. Yawn. Chicago is pretty. It’s been in the 40s and pretty mild. I know I’m very lucky…

When I go home Jack has big plans for me.

Jack: How come you never sleep with me any more?

me: Any more??

Jack: You used to! This weekend you are sleeping in my room!

me: Okay…I can do that. Let’s make a date.

Jack: Orrr…I’ll sleep in your bed and in the morning you can get me the tray and bring me breakfast in bed! Slave it over to me. (he cracks up)

me: Not a chance mister.

Jack: When people sleep in other people’s beds they should be slaves to them.

me: (sigh) Then you’re MY slave.

Jack: Oh…that’s not how I want that situation to work out.

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