Why cats like Italian food

Jack: Bella will always ALWAYS sniff my finger if I show it to her.

me: She’s sniffing for food right?

Jack: Yeah, she won’t lick it but she’s trying to see if I ate anything good, like Italian food.

me: You think Bella likes Italian food?

Jack: Of course she does! She’s Italian!

me: An Italian cat? Hmmm…why do you think she’s Italian? Because her name’s Italian?

Jack: (gives me a weird look like I have 2 heads) Uh Noooooo….because we found her behind Marisa’s restaurant? That’s why!

me: Gotcha.

Jack: We should make her some spaghetti.

4 thoughts on “Why cats like Italian food”

    1. Haha! We all know how Bella will eat just about anything. Sauce, onions, garclic, bread. She must be part Italian. That’s why we named her Bella! Though she was actually named after an Italian ice shop that I saw in NYC. (trivia!)


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