If it’s already invented why would I invent it?

Jack: Look at this guy pedaling under a helicopter thingy! (He’s looking at a giant sticker book of things that “go”)

me: Cool. I think it’s called a pedicopter! (I’m totally making that up)

Jack: Hahaha! Why would he try to ride that thing?

me: I think he may have invented it, or tried to invent it. Sometimes people have ideas, and they have to try them out to see if they’ll work.

Jack: But we already have bikes and helicopters, so why would he invent something that’s both parts?

me: Maybe this was before either of those things were invented. Look at his old-fashioned clothes. Probably happened a long time ago. So do you think it was successful or failed?

Jack: Totally failed.

me: How do you know?

Jack: Because no one’s flying around in those things pedaling down the street hahahaa!

me: Good thinking.

Jack: I’m totally inventing a jet pack. Are those invented yet?

me: Do you see anyone flying down the street in them yet?

Jack: Awesommmmeeeeee… (he drifts away for a moment)

me: You can invent that if you want. Start studying!

Jack: It’s probably hard.

me: Well everything you see was invented by someone. Just a few years ago there were no iPads but now everyone has them. So maybe you’ll invent something that no one even knows that they need yet.

Jack: (gives me a funny look) Why would I invent something that no one needs. I’m totally inventing things that they need. And the jet pack is it. I’d never have to take the school bus again.

And there you have it. Let’s see what the boy comes up with. Tonight Jack took another taekwondo test and got his red/yellow belt. By the skin of his teeth. Sheesh. I’m glad he passed the test… though we saw many tears (the board hurt his feet when he did the double roundhouse to break it), and he was asked to not talk back to Mommy (Master Kim is like the super nanny), and then he was tired, but wanted to stay and play even though it was past his bedtime. Sigh. It’s been rough around here.

And look, I finally caught up on stuff and found time to blog again! You thought I had forgotten all about you, didn’t you? Well, maybe I’ll be back with more frequency. Some time slots just opened up that I actually wish had stayed filled, but anyway, good night…or should I say good morning?


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