Wipe my butt

Jack: I’m done!

me: Wipe your butt and I’ll check…

Jack: I’m not wiping THAT! It’s gross!

I walk in the bathroom, Jack is on the toilet, bent over double at the waist, reading a book that’s on the floor. Ow.

me: Sit up, come on. Wipe your butt and I will check. (he uses TP and I double check with a wet wipe)

Jack: UGH gross!

me: It’s your butt. You’re in charge. Let’s go.

Jack: Wait I have to pee again.

me: (I wait a minute) Okayyy, done?

Jack: No. I said I have to pee.

me: It doesn’t take that long to pee. Come on so we can clean you up.

Jack: If I’m in charge of my butt, then I’m also in charge of my penis!

me: Sigh.

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