Art is my most very worst subject ever

Jack: Ohhhh, today was awful!

me: Oh no! Why?

Jack: I had my most very worst subject of all times.

me: …which is…?

Jack: It’s like you don’t even know your own son.

me: Sigh.

Jack: It’s art class!

me: But you just told me how much fun you had finishing your…what was it called…spiral graphic thingy?

Jack: You don’t even listen.

me: I listened! It’s just that you give a lot of good detail, and um, it’s hard to remember it all.

Jack: Well it IS the worst class.

me: I loved art class. It was my favorite.

Jack: But that was in the olden days…

me: Nice. So what’s so bad about it? You don’t have to do math, or read, or spell…you get to make beautiful art!

Jack: I hate it because my teacher won’t let me leave the classroom with my tongue shoved down in my bottom teeth like this. (he makes a horrible monkey face and sort of groans…)

me: OH come on, do you really leave the class looking like that AND making that noise? Sheesh.

Jack: Of course I don’t because she makes me go back in and come out AGAIN with a normal face. And that’s why I hate it.

me: Can’t argue with logic.

2 thoughts on “Art is my most very worst subject ever”

    1. Amazing how it’s something new every day. I started this blog when jack was 5, but I could have started it when he was 3. Sooo much material!!!


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