What’s your best age?

Jack: If you could be any age you want for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

me: Hmmm…good question. I happen to really really like the age I’m at now…but if I had to pick…I would go with 30. Nice round number. And mostly because I healed quicker back then. And didn’t have allergies.

Jack: How old were you when you had me?

me: Uh… 35…(shit)

Jack: GASP! You want to go back to before there was me??!! (double interrobang! see I love that word!)

me: No NO!!! I would totally still have you. I just mean that I would be younger and have less…issues…

Jack: Well I think it’s rude.

me: Okay. I’ll pick 35 then.

Jack: Good.

me: What do you pick?

Jack: I would totally pick 14.

me: But you haven’t even been 14 yet. What if you totally don’t like that age? What’s wrong with 7?

Jack: Mom, when you’re 14, you have everything all figured out. And you don’t have to really have a job.

me: (!?)

Do any of you have a “best” age? Where would you like the clock to stop. If at all. Hmmmmm!

18 thoughts on “What’s your best age?”

  1. He is going to be one disappointed kid when he gets to 14, and realizes he hasn’t ‘got everything figured out’.

    For me, it would be 30 too, though I’m not quite there yet, because that is the age when people at least have SOME things figured out.

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  2. Oh, interrobang — LMAO!
    Now then, a best age…
    Huh, I dunno. My late twenties aren’t that bad. I still feel like my best years are ahead of me, though. I wouldn’t mind being permanently educated — Plenty to do in school, always learning, always challenged, but if I went back in time I’d be ever ignorant.
    I’ll have to think on this some more…


    1. See? I learn from other bloggers haha! I agree…I would totally want to keep the wisdom I’ve gained…but have the younger bod. Though I think I’m in much better shape now. Boo boos just take longer to heal is all :(. The best years are ahead. Trust me on that one.


  3. I’m relatively happy being 25, but if I had the opportunity I’d definitely go back to being 19. Just in time for the second semester of freshman year of college: a set group of friends, not missing my rents as much as first semester, lazy weekends watching movie marathons, and the most glorious summer!


      1. It definitely was! I’m sure as we all age we always think we were dumb when we were younger. I definitely cringe at some of the things I did when I was a teenager, and I’m sure in ten years I’ll cringe at a lot of what I’m doing now. (I’m a big fan of your blog by the way. Jack is so hysterical with what he says. I’m sure when he’d older he’ll appreciate the record as well!)


      2. Thanks very much for reading and liking! Can you just imagine what I’d be like if all these stories were kept bottled up inside?


      3. Haha! No I can’t. When I worked in daycare, the only thing that got me through the really difficult/ crazy moments, like having a child bite my leg, or cleaning poop up from a two year old’s hands, was knowing I’d get a laugh later when I told my rents about my day!


  4. Hi, This is my first time replying to any of your posts. I love your blog. I have been reading it since around Christmas! I am so happy you are writing more again. This blog makes me laugh!
    I would say my favorite age was 20, I met my husband at this age, I could stay thin without having to work out and eat whatever I want and I was still in college so I didn’t have to work. Ah awesome when your young…
    PS: I am only 26 now, but everything seems to be more real now and more difficult. Like losing these 10lbs!


    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you didn’t desert me at my low writing point ha ha. You’re only 26? You should be able to lose the 10 pounds in your sleep. Wait until your 40’s. Sheesh.


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