Again I ask…how does he even know that?

Jack was in rare form today. I’m sure I say that a lot, but it’s true. Sometimes it’s like I’m talking with an 80-year-old man and not a 7-year-old boy. Sometimes he acts like a teenager, and sometimes like someone in his 20’s, 30’s, etc. Half of the things he said today I swear I never heard him say before, nor do I have a clue as to where he’d hear this stuff and put it together the way he does.

Let’s start at breakfast. The family came down and we all went out. My brother had his new iPad and was flaunting it around. Yes flaunting. He’ll yell at me for that, but it’s true.

John: Why don’t you upgrade YOUR iPad?

me: Why? Mine works fiiinnneee…

John: Better display, better camera…

Jack: Mom, Uncle John is like totally in the moment and you’re so…like sooooo two years ago.

(we all bust out laughing which of course Jack loves)

Jack: You’re soooo not in the moment.

me: Sigh…where do you hear this stuff Jack?

Jack: It’s in my own head!

me: I’m totally taking this magazine that someone left on the table (latest Star)

Jack: (glances at it) Oh really, and is that how you get your daily gossip from a magazine?

me: Whaattt?

John: How does he even know what gossip is?

me: I don’t think I’ve ever said that word in front of him. Weird.

Jack: Get used to it lady, because I can smack you with this magazine.

me: Hey! What? Not cool Jack…

Jack: (mimics a slow smack at my face with the magazine rolled up) Sssssmack.

me: Do it again and there’s gonna be trouble. (But Jack just laughs and runs to the door. I don’t even know what he was doing…)


And here are a couple of photos from our last Taekwondo tests. I went from a blue belt to brown and Jack went from Red/White to Red/Yellow. Yay us!

Me testing for my Brown belt


Me getting my brown belt.


Jack waiting to test


Jack after getting his red/yellow

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