Subaru Confessions

Subaru Confessions – 11 arch enemies

Jack: Hey Steven!

me: Steven??

Jack: Oh, haha, I mean Hey Mom!

me: Sheesh…

Jack: Me and Steven made a list of our arch enemies numbers 38 through 47.

me: Oh really?

Jack: Yeah. I already know who number 48 is gonna be.

me: Okay, who?

Jack: Mr. Chop Chop.

me: Who? Isn’t that a restaurant…(I seem to remember something like that in Vegas…)

Jack: We don’t talk about arch enemies Mom! Hey, nice way to blow through that stop sign. I’m telling Dad!

me: You’re telling your dad about me blowing through a stop sign, which I did not, and you’re worried about arch enemies?? Funn-EE. You better worry about your mom instead.

Jack: And number 49 is Mom.

4 thoughts on “Subaru Confessions – 11 arch enemies”

  1. That’s a lot of nemesises. Nemisi? Stupid underlining red thingie. Anyway, that’s a lot of arch-enemies. Is Jack enrolled in Martial Arts? Cause they always know how to fight, those baddies!


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