Halloween in March – and a really funny Halloween book for kids

Why not. You can never start preparing too early for the holidays, right?

Jack decided to dress up today. Chewbacca. The usual. We had a low-key day just hanging around. Then we went to Jack’s friend’s birthday party. Then home. Chillin. To continue with the Halloween theme, we decided to read Jerry Seinfeld’s book “HALLOWEEN”. Hysterical!

Jack: Wait Wait go back! (he reads from the copy) “Oh the HECK with it, hahahahaha!!, then he throws the mask!”

me: That’s too funny. Do you remember your Halloween last year and your comedy routine?

Jack: (ignoring me and reading) “Everyone we know is just giving out CANDY??”

me: Well, it was pretty funny, but a little rude if you ask me.

Jack: What are you saying?

me: Your little banter back and forth with all the parents that we saw on Halloween.

Jack: That’s just because we had to hurry up and get good candy, not junk.

me: But you don’t tell people that, right?

Jack: Hey, I just told everyone which house stunk and which house had the good stuff. That was me doing something NICE for everyone.

me: Sigh…

(the recap from one of our past Halloweens is here if you care to delve further into this subject)

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